What’s an outing without a little bit of shopping, even if it is only a tiny souvenir? Here at King’s Park Street you can shop till you drop or just browse the stalls. From high street to flea market, King’s Street recreates the entire palette of shopping experiences..

Cuisine is a cultural expression of a land and its tradition. Here at King’s Street you will find the entire gamut, ranging from ethnic cuisines from all parts of India and the world, a voyage of discovery into the land of taste that stimulates and satiates your senses to repletion..

Shopping and dining are fine but King’s Street, as the total entertainment universe, goes beyond the paradigm and offers you a more immersive, fun-filled, interactive and educational as well as fulfilling experience by way of live performances, cultural shows, folk theatre, fairs and festivals. This is life at full throttle..

How many people make it a point to take time out to attend exhibitions? Very few. However, here at King’s Park Street, we offer you exhibitions as intrinsic to the entertainment experience. While you are having fun, step into the exhibition area and admire the latest ongoing shows..

King’s Park Street is not just shopping, dining and entertainment. We have dedicated an exclusive area for games and play. Family members ranging from small kids to adults can indulge in exhilarating, engaging mind-blowing games, adventure sports and exciting, fun-filled action with never a dull moment. We plan to have go-karting..