Shopping and dining are fine but King’s Street, as the total entertainment universe, goes beyond the paradigm and offers you a more immersive, fun-filled, interactive and educational as well as fulfilling experience by way of live performances, cultural shows, folk theatre, fairs and festivals. This is life at full throttle.




Not too small, not too large, the 300 seat open air theatre provides a perfect stage for you to enjoy shows and performance under the flowing lines of the flyover. Noise proofed, yet open to the heavens, you become part of a soul-fulfilling show. The amphitheatre in Delhi will stage dances, dramas, music shows, jam shows you can dance to

and stand alone acts. King’s Street will feature performances by well known artistes of international repute as well as offer the amphitheatre as a platform for budding artistes to showcase their talents.

Folk & Cultural Events

Indian culture is hugely diverse and offers a full palette of colors, music and emotions that we plan to render into stunningly impressionable shows through folk and cultural events at event space in Delhi. Here at King’s Park Street, each day brings you a performance from specific regions of India at cultural Events in Delhi. You learn, you enjoy and gain immense satisfaction through these magnificent events. We provide a platform for people to learn and for artistes and groups from all over India to display their talent to a receptive audience drawn from different walks of life and thus disseminate the rich culture of our land. From Raagas to Rock, King’s Park Street is everything for everyone looking for the taste of culture at its finest. It’s an ideal space for exhibition in Delhi.

Fairs and Festivals

India’s people celebrate each festival with verve and panache, with a riotous splendor of vivid colors, music and dances. We recreate the ambience of fairs and festivals right here in King’s Park Street with richly traditional fairs and festivals. Experience India all at one place through folk events in Delhi; visit, revisit and let each season expose you to the grandest of traditions we foster and promote through our fairs and festivals section.