Cuisine is a cultural expression of a land and its tradition. Here at King’s Street you will find the entire gamut, ranging from ethnic cuisines from all parts of India and the world, a voyage of discovery into the land of taste that stimulates and satiates your senses to repletion.

Specialty Restro Lounge

Conceived as areas to allow visitors to take brief rests while they voyage through King’s Street, these specialty restro in Delhi are designed as spaces where you can engage in various activities or, if you like, stretch out and relax while sampling the various culinary delights on offer. Indulge your tastes, enrich your life with gourmet experiences

at banquet halls in Delhi and do it all in a fabulously designed space for your ultimate bliss and contentment.

Regional Food

Indian ethnic food at its very best, from North to South, from West to East, is presented here in various stalls. The regional food area is specifically dedicated to presentation and serving of food from various regions of India whereas the Food Court is cosmopolitan, offering global cuisines for modern palates. At the regional food plaza you have only the best of Indian foods, made by genuine Indian regional chefs the way they are prepared traditionally since millennia, completely authentic, totally satisfying.

Food Court

If you have more cosmopolitan tastes, head for the food court, a lavish area populated by stalls offering every imaginable popular cuisine on Earth ranging from European to American, Thai to Chinese, Indonesian to Indian. Snack or dine on a tempting spread of healthy, lip-smacking delights brought to you by expert chefs and restaurateurs. We aim to make it the only place in Delhi, if not India, where you get the best global cuisines conveniently in one location.