King’s Park Street is not just shopping, dining and entertainment. We have dedicated an exclusive area for games and play. Family members ranging from small kids to adults can indulge in exhilarating, engaging mind-blowing games, adventure sports and exciting, fun-filled action with never a dull moment. We plan to have go-karting, paint balls and so many new and exciting varieties; you will never know how time passes. It is sheer, exuberant, unadulterated joy.

Upcoming Events


We promise you a never ending stream of performances, live shows, interactive jam sessions, exhibitions, fairs and festivals, a profusion of life at its very best in one of the finest, aesthetically designed spaces ever. King’s Park Street hosted “Exhibition of Food, Adventure and Culture Fair 2014” not so long ago and this is but a start of an extravagant, boisterous fun-filled voyage of events we shall being you each week, each month, in a never ending stream. We shall have music, Indian and International. We shall have individual and group shows, live performances, dances, dramas and exhibitions that inform, educate and entertain.