A brief background about the Madhubani painting style.

Madhubani painting originated in a little village of Maithili, in the state of Bihar. Initially, the womenfolk drew the paintings on walls of their home, as design of their thoughts, dreams and hopes. With the course of time, these paintings gained importance and became a part of celebrations and special events, such as wedding. Bit by bit the Madhubani paintings in India began crossing boundaries and began reaching out to a broader audience. They enjoy popularity both at the national and the international level.



Madhubani paintings have wide-ranging themes, though scenes from Hindu mythology still rule these paintings. Amongst the most commonly executed themes in the Madhubani paintings are the events from Ramayana and life of Krishna. Other deities appear in the paintings repeatedly. Madhubani paintings of India also picture the sun and moon and treat them as subjects of holiness.

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