Madhubani artists at King’s Park Street

At King’s Park Street, National awardees in Madhubani style of Traditional painting styles been commissioned to create an ambiance for King’s Park Street.


At King’s Park, its our endeavor to create unique platform to showcase all the art forms of India. The walls will carry signature of the artist with a small brief about them.

This is a humble beginning on our dream project of KPS where we would showcase all traditional art forms on permanent basis to educate the citizen of Delhi. These artists will also run training workshops in their arts for the discerning learner. Our mission is to connect the modern city dweller to the art forms in its most authentic form of existence, pure and untouched by an commercialization. That is our mission.
We invite you to KPS to experience a new landmark unfolding, a new ADDRESS of culture in west. We believe in, ‘west is the best’.

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