About us

The King’s Park Street is the realization of a vision of enlightened professionals drawn from Marketing, Travel, Architecture, Design and Hospitality industries with a grand vision of creating a unified space that would:


-> Bring enthralling, engrossing world class entertainment to Indian audiences and at the same time

-> Allow talent to showcase their skills and gain exposure;

-> Provide a platform for exquisite regional and global cuisine to reach out to people; and

-> Creatively transform public spaces into centres of entertainment, fun and shopping and encompass art, culture, history and traditions projected in a modern, convenient ambience with a human touch.


The DTTDC Raja Garden Flyover with plenty of space, located close to commercial centers in the heart of the city provided us the perfect outlet to give body and shape to our vision. Happily Delhi Tourism gave us full support and encouragement as a result of which King’s Park Street took shape. It promises to be everything that modern tourists and Delhiites looking for a weekend of fun and pleasure expect: exhibitions space in Delhi, shopping, live performances, cultural exhibitions, food courts, games and some relaxation as well. King’s Street is where visitors have a truly immersive experience of life in all its profusion of glorious colors, sights, sounds, tastes and smells. There is nothing like it in India.


We draw inspiration from the West where urban land lying idle is transformed to create an environment where visitors lack for nothing to keep them fully occupied each moment, offering something for everyone, catering to all tastes and preferences. There is never a dull moment at King’s Street. Our designers and planners went all out to create a harmonized unified space, one area flowing effortlessly into the other, leading you on to explore, learn, engage and expose your senses to life in all its rich diversity. One visit is just not enough.